✞ radatheart ✞
Megan chillin with her best friend
Soo..this happened. ~A + L
Megan and Liz doing what they do best
Liz demolishing a cupcake like it’s the last one on earth
Liz being a good role model
Megan practicing for her future as a burrito 
Liz is sad because she ate the pizza case and wants another
Me and Ashley (youknowyoureamacerwhen) want questions from you :)


We have been getting lots of questions about us and we thought why don’t we just let everyone ask us anything they’d like? Send us an ask on my blog :)

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Not only did we get 50 followers and reblogged by their joint account already but MEGAN FOLLOWED US!!! I think it’s safe to say Liam and i love you guys, thank youuuu!!! ~A

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Megan smiling awkwardly at the pizza Liz has buckled in the seat next to her